Bespoke database development

Databases are the backbone of many business-critical operations, whether they be monitoring stock levels, storing employee HR records, or holding crucial customer information.

Our expertise is in custom Microsoft SQL Server database design and development that boosts business productivity, enables you to spot operational trends, and allows you to grow your company.

If data is key, then your database must be the keyhole!

Data is the key to making smart business decisions. The more data you have as a business, the more opportunities you have to analyze your business needs and find the most effective way to move forward.

Often, businesses have lots of data that has been collected over time and is held in a variety of locations across the organization. Not to mention the security breaches that having data dispersed throughout the company can result from, the time spent locating the necessary data is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Nobody has ever regretted making the investment in a centralized, bespoke, fully-customized database that offers simple access to ALL of your data in a single safe, secure, easy-to-use (and easy-to-find) location. As we previously stated, your database is the keyhole—it’s the only place you can go to securely unlock all the information you require!

Get in touch with us right away to discuss developing a unique database system for your business. We can assure you that you will wish you had done it sooner.

Our expertise in Database Development

Numerous international industries/businesses rely on database-driven applications we developed to provide effective local services that assist them in storing, processing, and analyzing data about their business.

Bespoke database development

We are able to create cost-efficient, high-performance databases that are secure to increase business productivity and streamline manual processes. We can assist you whether you’re looking to reduce your team’s reliance on Excel or create a database-driven web or mobile application.

Cloud databases

For the Azure and AWS cloud, we have created a number of high-performance databases that store, process, and analyze millions of data rows every day. By transferring your current databases to the cloud and providing our consulting services to maximize ROI, we can also assist you in getting the most out of cloud database technology.

Bespoke databases for business insights

It can be very helpful to identify business trends and insights that are impossible to generate when using manual processes by having a custom or bespoke database created for your company. The business will be able to spot patterns that indicate a problem or opportunity before it’s too late by storing all of your product, service, sales, purchase, and commission-related data in a database. In order to help management make wise financial and strategic decisions, databases also enable them to create real-time business dashboards that display daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly trends.

Database driven Web & Mobile Applications

Creating user interfaces and APIs to support web and mobile applications is a common task in database development. Our team has successfully created a number of database driven software applications, ranging from developing straightforward e-forms that store names and addresses to developing sophisticated databases that support business automation and workflow.

Why Choose us?

Our knowledge

For more than ten years, we have been creating software applications for SMEs and enterprises. Numerous software programs we’ve created have taken home national and international honors for their creativity and usability. Our team has created more than 100 award-winning software applications of various sizes and complexity, ranging from simple systems to complex ERPs & CRMs.

Faster delivery

We use the agile development methodology and rapid application development (RAD) toolkits to make sure we can not only create software applications more quickly, but also that what we create is a perfect match for your requirements. As a result, our clients typically save 20% to 25% on development costs when compared to those of our rivals.

Transparent pricing

98% of our clients get in touch with us for a second project within a year of the first one going live. Our open pricing is one of the main factors contributing to this. Each of our quotes includes a thorough explanation of the methodology we used to determine the total effort and how we divided it among the various screens, features, and functions. This enables you to confirm the costs we have quoted and prevents cost increases at a later stage of the project.

End-to-end service

We will support you every step of the way, unlike our competitors. Consultation is where it all begins. To help you choose the proper features, functions, and technology, we share our experience. Our code is clean, secure, and commented thanks to our quality assurance process during development. We provide hosting, monitoring, support & maintenance once the application is live.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bespoke database is one that has been created with a particular need or purpose in mind. It is crafted for specific needs in terms of design, structure, and performance. To create a custom database for your requirements, you can use well-known database technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, or Oracle database technologies. Custom software development projects for business automation are supported by bespoke databases.

You’ll discover that our pricing is very aggressive and geared toward lowering your total cost of ownership. We fully utilize rapid application development toolkits to reduce the development effort and adhere to industry best practices to guarantee support and maintenance are also kept to a minimum.

Yes. Excel was often used by many of our current clients to store and manage their business data. As their company expanded, they realized that Excel was becoming a bottleneck and could no longer offer the necessary features and functionalities. Numerous case studies show how we transformed intricate Excel-based systems into effective database solutions that boost operational effectiveness.

Yes. Bespoke and custom refer to something that is made to meet particular requirements. The same concept underlies both bespoke and custom database development—creating a customized database for particular requirements.

Yes. With the help of the Azure and AWS cloud platforms, we have created a number of customized database solutions that operate in both private and public clouds.

Yes. For governments and SMEs, we have created a number of databases that store and handle sensitive, private, and financial data. Our database construction solution complies with GDPR and ensures that all sensitive data is protected in accordance with industry best practices.