Excel to Mobile Application: A Game-Changer for small Business Owners

Paresh Kapuriya


September 27, 2023

7 minutes

Excel to Mobile Application: A Game-Changer for small Business Owners

Quick Summary:

“Had I any other option than Excel Spreadsheet, I could better manage my business’s data,” Have this thought ever come to your mind? If your answer is affirmative, Excel to Mobile app is the solution you’ve been waiting for so long. Let’s gauge how turning your Excel spreadsheet into a mobile app can benefit your company.


There are over 30 million users out there making use of spreadsheets to manage their day-to-day business data. It’s ok to go with spreadsheets when you have a little task to do, but if you’re using multiple spreadsheets for various data management, you’re going to mess up.

At times it’s ok to rectify little or tolerable errors, but you wouldn’t like to bare a loss worth $6 billion; like, JPMorgan Chase & Co announced that it lost billions resulting from a tiny copy-paste spreadsheet error. Hence you need to make sure you have reliable and secure software

Excel, indeed is an excellent tool, but what if, at the end of the day, it results in redundancy, lack of productivity, vulnerability, and so on? That’s the time you need to convert your Excel Spreadsheet into a mobile app. It lets you automate data management tasks fast and flawlessly.

Let’s explore this in detail!

Benefits of Converting Excel Spreadsheets Into A Mobile App

There are numerous benefits you can embrace by the conversion of Excel Spreadsheets into a mobile application. It has plenty of benefits; however, below mentioned are some of the prominent ones you should consider.

Improved Security

One of the reasons to convert Excel Spreadsheets to mobile apps is security. Do you consider the password protection or lock option as a guarantee for security-related concerns that can be able to circumvent your data loss? A big no. It isn’t wise selection to rely entirely on these measures for security. At times it’s child’s play for hackers to figure out information with a simple Google search.

It’s quite convenient for hackers to embed malicious content from external databases into the spreadsheet, making use of dynamic data exchange methods. It can result in a lack of credibility and confidentiality. In order to keep data protected and confidential, businesses should consider turning their Excel spreadsheets into a mobile app.

When you convert Excel to a mobile app, you’ll be more likely to limit the users’ right to the source file, encrypt data, and host everything while keeping them secure. You get ample control over who can access the information and limit third-party entries. This means only the admins can access the data.

User-Friendly Data Presentation

For an enhanced and user-oriented data presentation, a mobile app would be an excellent option. Using an Excel spreadsheet can never be an appropriate alternative to share with your management team and customers and embed into the website.

On the contrary, with a mobile app, you can have an easy-to-use tool showing all your relevant data in a single place in a user-friendly way.

Reduced Possibilities for Errors

Being error-prone is one of the key drawbacks of Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets allow multiple users to add information and make changes to them. At times, it leads to temper or error, either intentional or unintentional. Even a single entry of inappropriate data can lead to a waste of time and, worse, loss of billions of dollars.

When you turn an Excel spreadsheet into a mobile app, you circumvent all these potential errors. It automates data entry, estimations, communication, sharing, and other activities that happen manually. Moreover, In the other hand, by using an application, you can allow users to see the information you want them to see. With an app, you can restrict who can consummate information about your company.

No Tracking Requirements

Do you remember the last time you tried to find a sheet from various lists of spreadsheets? Chances are, you might have filed because it’s confusing to seek out a particular folder from a variety of folders. Now, think for a moment, what if the sheet contains thousands of essential entries and tasks? You might have had to bear a great deal of loss.

When you convert your Excel Spreadsheet into a mobile app, you, along with your employees, can simply access the data from the module’s dashboard without needing to keep track of all data. You can retrieve the data from the cloud backups, even when it gets deleted. This can avoid the need to track data while enabling employees to remain focussed doing other activities.

Mobile Apps Build Your Brand

When it comes to the advantages of turning Excel into a Mobile application, building a brand is another one that you need to take into consideration. Spreadsheets can assist only in managing data; on the other hand, mobile applications play a crucial role in building brand identity. You can take Cadbury as an example. It owns a project management application and allows access to its worldwide distributors to the application.

It plays a crucial role in capacitating admin as well as distributors and staff to establish seamless communication amongst them. Besides, the admin is capable of viewing the distributor’s details regardless of wherever they are. Besides, the built-in SMS and email notifications, precise reports, quick emails, convenient communication among the team, and so on are additional advantages you embrace with the conversion of Excel to a mobile app.

Turn Excel into Mobile App, and Streamline Data Management

Wrapping Up!

Using Excel spreadsheets can be, sometimes, good for certain types of needs; however, it can lead to a massive loss if being used for large and complex data management processes. This article discussed how turning an Excel spreadsheet into a mobile application can bring benefits to your company. As you’re aware of the benefits of Excel to a mobile application, make sure your company has done it for enhanced data management.

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